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Board Secretariat Manager / Paralegal of IMS Foundation

The Irène M. Staehelin Foundation (IMSF) was established in 2020 to fulfil the vision of its benefactor, Irène M. Staehelin-Schindler, to work on the challenges of our times, focusing its work on four major areas:

  • humanitarian causes;
  • human rights and women’s rights;
  • development assistance;
  • preservation of nature and conservation of species.

The IMS Foundation mission is to become a significant force for good at a time of enormous change and opportunity through a substantial endowment to be spent down in 25 years. To implement its strategy and support to organizations, the foundation will employ a small staff of between 10-15 people.


Introduction to the position of Board Secretariat Manager / Paralegal

The newly created Irène M. Staehelin Foundation is looking for a highly motivated, experienced and hands-on Board Secretariat Manager / Paralegal, who wants to contribute to development and functioning of an institution at the service of the neediest, that differentiates itself from all others.

This role will support the IMSF board and CEO in all aspects of their responsibilities and be at the intersection between the legal, organisational, managerial and visionary work of the foundation.

Under the direct supervision of the IMSF CEO, s/he is responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements, and to enable authorized persons to determine when, how, and by whom the board's business was conducted. The Board Secretariat Manager / Paralegal will combine these responsibilities with a general support role; in the coordination of the IMSF office, including facilities and IT and with the set up and administration of a human resources system.

To fulfill these responsibilities, and subject to the organization's articles and bylaws, the Board Secretariat Manager / Paralegal proposes policies and practices, submits various reports to the board, records minutes of meetings, ensures their accuracy, and availability, fulfills any other requirements of a board member and the CEO, and performs other duties as the need arises. Since the foundation is recently established, this job description will be subject to variation in the coming years, reflecting the responsibilities and tasks linked to different stages of development of IMSF.


Detailed Job description: Board Secretariat Manager / Paralegal of IMS Foundation

Please find all details and apply in the original job descrition here.

Board Secretariat Manager / Paralegal of IMS Foundation


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